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"Best value All over"

is our promise to make only the greatest and tastiest Vetkoek,
at the most affordable prices.

We're passionate about
good food and make our
Vetkoek in the great
South African Tradition
~ ensuring that you get them fresh and piping hot.

Vetkoek Maleis Head Office
Tel: 012 804 5533


South Africans all over the country are demanding
traditional good food and fast, friendly service.

To satisfy this need we are looking for dedicated,
service oriented and friendly franchisees that are passionate about people and good food.

You can be part of this very exciting expansion
and establish a solid profitable business in your local area!

"Vetkoek Maleis is the best financial decision I've ever made"
~ Joost van der Westhuisen ~

A Vetkoek Maleis offers you...

  • Low start-up costs
  • Good gross profit margins
  • Excellent return on investment

Best value All over...

This approach is not only limited to our customers,,
we're determined to extend our motto of "Best value All over" to you the franchisee as well.
To this end the VETKOEK MALEIS support team has developed
and documented a comprehensive business model, which includes...

  • An efficient and practical process
  • A financially viable business, with low initial start-up costs and good return on investment
  • A comprehensive support system
  • The integration and co-ordination of perational activities
  • Effective stock control and portion management mechanisms
  • Dynamic and personalised marketing strategies
  • An inter-dependant business relationship

A Vetkoek Maleis will cost you?

Total investment between: R500 000 and R600 000
depending on premises.

What do you get for your investment?

A full business format franchise - Advice and assistance with all aspects of your outlet:

  • Start up phase
  • Training
  • Manuals
  • Store opening
  • Store operation
  • Maximising profitability

"I believe that the only way to sustain Success
is to maximize the benefits and value to all participants.
We have therefore adopted the slogan...
"Maximise Stakeholder Delight."
You can rest assured that this is the main thrust of our support to you as franchisees.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure ease of operation in your store.
The checks and balances are in place so as to guarantee your focus and attention where it will benefit you the most...The customer"

~ Sean van Rij, Franchisor ~

The VETKOEK MALEIS is a "full business format" franchise

which means you get the support you require in every facet of your business. It is a tried and tested concept that when run effectively can render a net profit of between 17-23%. The rate of return on investment is exceptionally good due to the affordable start-up costs.

At the VETKOEK MALEIS quality is the norm and exceptional service is our goal.
We believe that every aspect of our business should reflect our motto of
"Best value All over", so you can be certain that when you become part of the "family",
you will get a best deal in the industry.

Vetkoek Maleis Mobile

This is the first Vetkoek Maleis Mobile unit. The Mobile unit started at the Pretoria Show on the 27th August 2008. Our Vetkoek are freshly baked in the unit. We have been tested daily by the Health Department and were recommended as one of the cleanest food stall. For any enquires, your welcome to phone 012 804 55 33.

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